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Some may love online classes, and some may absolutely dread them. Whether you love or hate them, here are some tips for online classes that can be useful to anyone. So, if you need some tips for online classes, then I’ve got you covered! Online classes don’t have to be horrible, and there are actually some amazing benefits. If you want to know the benefits of online classes or some tips on how to survive an online class, definitely keep on reading!

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Benefits of online classes

Before we dive into some of the tips for online classes, I’ll go over some amazing benefits. And, although the thought of taking an online class can be daunting to some, there are definitely some great benefits to virtual education. 

  1. You’re working on your own schedule, goodbye to the strict college schedules with back to back classes. You now have the freedom to determine when and how you’re going to get your work done. A blessing and a curse really.
  2. There are TONS of online resources, whether its Khan Academy, Grammarly (which I love), or even just Google. Nowadays, there are so many resources at our disposal.
  3. You can practically learn at your own pace. A lot of the times, I find myself being overwhelmed by the constant stream of topics and dues dates from face to face classes. But, with online classes, I’ve noticed there are typically the same due dates each week. This gives you so much time to actually learn and absorb the information.

The BEST Tips for Online Classes

Now that you’re feeling less intimidated about online classes here are some tips to succeed.

Get Ready for the Day

Well, first things first. You’ve got to get dressed! Take off those PJs and throw on some new clothes! If you stay in your pajamas all day, you’re more likely to go back into relaxation mode. We want to remove the temptation to cozy up back in your bed. So put on some clothes that fuel your productivity, rather than staying in clothes that suck it up!

Do things that make you feel ready to tackle your day. Whether that’s an energizing morning routine, putting on your favorite makeup, or easing into the day with some music. Find things to do BEFORE you start your online classes that make you feel ready to tackle your classes!

Have a study space

Since you don’t have a set time to go to class and learn. It’s so important to have a dedicated space where you know you can get your work done.

Find the environment you thrive best in, it may be your campus library, a coffee shop, your kitchen table. Find a place where you can concentrate and get your work done! 

Switch it up

Although, it is important to have a dedicated study space and organizational plan, be sure to switch it up every now and then. Sometimes repetition can be boring which can cause you to to feel unmotivated.

Be sure to switch up your study locations or schedule. If you normally get straight to work in the morning, try doing some work in the afternoon if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it’s an online class so give yourself a little wiggle room.

Make emails your best friend

I’d recommend checking emails at least once every 24 hours. Since the professors aren’t seeing you face to face, it’s a must that you check your emails. It can be so easy to miss assignments since no one is drilling due dates in your head each lecture.

Emails are professors’ main point of contact, they usually send out due dates, reminders, or maybe even extra credit opportunities through email. 

Use your resources

  • Grammarly: I use Grammarly’s FREE automated proofreader to check punctuation, spelling, or other grammar mistakes on my school assignments. I also love Grammarly because it detects plagiarism, which is a BIG no-no when it comes to school.

Check out Grammarly here

  • Online library database: Most schools have databases full of scholarly articles and research. Definitely use this to your advantage. Plus, it makes citing your sources way easier.

  • Tutor services: Whether it’s online tutor or tutoring through your school. Don’t be afraid to get help, it’s better to know the material and be safe then to be sorry.

  • Google drive: You’ll probably be downloading a lot of documents on your computer. Instead of taking up the storage space on your computer, try using Google Drive to keep your storage space, plus your documents will be nice and organized. 
Online classes planner

Make a weekly plan

Usually, online classes will have the same due dates each week. In fact, the online class I took this past summer had a discussion board due Wednesday, and an assignment due Sunday. It was so easy for me to know what I had due since the due dates were consistent.

Definitely, try writing down your classes’ schedules each week. I also like to keep myself on track by having my syllabi written down in my planner, I discuss more about planning in my post Simple Tips to Succeed in College.

Actually read the material

I know, I know textbooks can be such a bore. But not all professors will send pre-recorded lectures or PowerPoints. With online classes, it’s your responsibility to learn.

Taking the time to get in touch with the course material through reading and taking notes helps so much when taking online courses. It’s especially great when timed quizzes pop up on the schedule lol. 


Points to remember 

  • Don’t underestimate the course load. Sometimes (depending on work ethic) it can be easy to think that online courses are not the same workload as in class lectures.

  • If you need help, ask! Reach out to your professors, they are there for your disposal. Ask them questions. 

  • Don’t feel defeated if you don’t understand the material. Use your resources, take a breath and try again.

Online classes don’t have to be stressful. I’ve taken plenty and with the right work ethic and structure, you can definitely do great! You can do just as great in virtual classes as in face to face classes. I hope these tips for online classes will help you get the motivation you need to do your best work!

Also, if you’ve taken online classes what are some study tips and hacks that work for you?

xo, Katie

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  1. Great read girl! Online classes can be really hard, but it can be done if you set yourself up in the right environments and do all the things as you mentioned in your article.

  2. This is such a great post. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about doing online classes again this semester; I was hoping to go back on campus, but this really helps!

  3. Great tips! I got used to online courses in the last two terms and everything you wrote is exactly what I felt as did. When learning how to use this platform it’s not so bad as people sometime think. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I stumbled on this blog post via Pinterest and I’m glad I did. All of your tips are super helpful and insightful! My favorite one has to be “create a learning space” and that hit me. I do a lot of my work and studying on my bed and end up taking a nap. I think it’s so important to separate your work area from your resting place.

    Nemma |

    1. Hi Nemma! I’m so happy to hear that my tips helped you! Studying on my bed also makes me sooo sleepy. So, I always try my best to stay at my desk no matter how hard lol. Anyway, I’m glad to have you here!

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