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The Ultimate Fall BucketList of 2020

Fall is here and so is everything pumpkin spice! The leaves are slowly changing into beautiful shades of orange, the breeze is cool and everything just feels a bit cozier. This season is truly perfect and when Fall rolls around there seems to be so many things I want to do!

This list is the perfect combination of relaxing activities you can do at home and thrilling things you can do outdoors! 

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Go apple picking 

Go to your local Apple Orchard and pick some apples. Not only will you leave with fresh fruit but awesome memories as well!

Ride a hayride 

Hayrides are a perfect way to feel the Autumn breeze while getting a good scare or view of some beautiful scenery!

Have a Fall themed photoshoot

Autumn has some pretty scenic views, and that means you should definitely take some pictures. Dress up in your favorite fall sweater and jeans and have a photoshoot!

Bake an apple pie 

It’s time to put those apples from the orchard to use by making a yummy apple pie from scratch. 

Read a spooky book 

Give yourself the spooks by reading a book fit for the season! I love a good thriller so here’s a book that’s on my must-read list this season! If you need more book recommendations check out this post!

Carve a jack-o’-lantern

A perfect way to get creative while having some seasonal fun! 

Decorate for the season

Fill your home with a ridiculous amount of pumpkin decor and the comfiest blankets and pillows. Now, not only does the outside look cozy but so does your home! You’ll find some of my fave decor below!

Drink a Salted Carmel Mocha

I know the Pumpkin Spiced Latte is a Starbucks seasonal favorite for many. But hear me out when I say that the Salted Caramel Mocha is superior! Nothing beats the decadent combination of mocha and a velvety nutty flavor.

Create the perfect Fall outfit 

Dressing up during the Fall is one thing that I always look forward to when this season rolls around. I adore Autumn fashion and love to experiment with different clothing pieces.

Go to a Spooky theme park 

If you want a real thrill, then check out a Halloween Theme park! Amusement parks always offer the best haunted houses, mazes, and events during Halloween. 

Bake pumpkin bread 

Pumpkin bread is hands down one of the best Autumn treats! Every time this season rolls around, I’m sure to keep this treat rolling out of the oven. Here’s my favorite recipe

Scary movie marathon 

You can never go wrong with a good horror on a cold, rainy night. Gather your friends for a night full of freight.

Have a picnic 

The cool breeze and stunning leaves take Fall picnics to the next level! 

Enjoy some apple cider 

Nothing beats a warm cup of cider on a breezy night. If you’re feeling experimental, you can even try to make your own!

Have a bonfire

Rid yourself of the night’s cold breeze by cozying up by the fire with some yummy treats and good company!

Roast some marshmallows

While you’re relaxing by the fireside be sure to roast up some marshmallows for some delicious s’mores!

Dress up for Halloween

Always wanted to play your favorite TV character? Well now’s your chance!

Light a fall scented candle 

Fall scented candles are everything I need and my absolute favorite is this scent

Create a gratitude journal 

Fall is the ultimate season for showing gratitude, so why not practice gratitude it every day by keeping a gratitude journal. This is the journal I currently use, and although I’m not perfect, I’m trying to practice gratitude as much as possible!

Make some homemade soup 

Fall may be the season of gratitude, but it’s also the season for delicious food! Make some homemade chicken noodle soup or some chili to show your tastebuds some love!

Visit a pumpkin patch 

Where else are you supposed to get your pumpkin to carve your jack-o’-lan·tern? Pumpkin patches are also a perfect photoshoot location, so while you’re at it, make sure to snap some cute pictures!

Host a spooky sleepover

Invite over your friends and create the perfect spooky sleepover! While you’re hanging out, you can complete most of this bucket list! 

Munch on some candy corn 

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I love the taste of candy corn! If you do too, then be sure to eat as much as you can before this seasonal treat is gone! 

Go on a scenic hike!

The leaves are changing, and the views are truly stunning. Hiking during the Fall serves as the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting some fresh air.

Visit a Fall festival 

Fall festivals are loads of fun and always make the best to lasting memories!

Wear a flannel 

Nothing says fall is here like a soft woven checkered flannel, pair it with your most adorned jeans, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Autumn outfit!

Do a graveyard tour 

A great way to get a good freight, but be sure not to bring any ghouls back home!

Wear cozy fluffy socks 

Chilling by a fire with a cozy pair of socks on sounds like the evening to me!

Jump in a pile of leaves

Be adventurous and pounce in a pile of leaves!

Host A Friendsgiving

Show your friends how much you love them by hosting a Friendsgiving! Not only is it a great way to show gratitude, but you also have another opportunity to eat delicious dishes! 

There you have it! 30 activities you can do this Fall. Be sure to get your FREE bucket list by clicking the image below!

xo, Katie

Free Fall bucket list
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