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I originally planned to post this back in March, but due to the Coronavirus plans changed. Since things are going back to normal or as normal as it’s going to get. I decided I’d give you guys a well awaited Savannah Travel Guide. While traveling please remain safe and practice proper precautions. But without further ado, here are some amazing things to do in Savannah, GA.

A trip to Savannah, Georgia? Yes, please! I absolutely love places that have history, especially southern charm. From the cobblestoned roads to beautiful architects all around, you’ll be entranced by all of the history and allure!

We arrived at the Hilton hotel late afternoon. The area surrounding the hotel has plenty of restaurants and stores, and the Tanger Outlets was right across the street!. There is a theater and bowling alley across the street too! This hotel is just a short drive to all the action with just action. Plus, they serve tasty made to order omelets, oatmeal, grits, fruit, and loads more! Even the pickiest of eaters can find something they would like at this buffet! I highly recommend staying here. It’s such a great location. 

Day one:

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Wake up and have some yummy breakfast right in the hotel of course! Next, drive over to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, which is only a 15min drive away. The refuge is home to bobcats, various birds, and lots of alligators. We saw plenty of alligators but unfortunately not any bobcats. Honestly, I think they were hiding from all the humans. Regardless, it was so much fun spotting all the alligators on the canal. Plus, you can tune your radio to the refuge radio station to get a guided tour, right in your car.

Savannah Historic District

Next, head over to Savannah historic district. Here you’ll find tons of museums and historical houses and parks.

The Cathedral of Saint John

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is located right on Lafayette Square. Not only is the outside of the temple stunning but so is the inside! There’s so much intricacy inside the temple that you’ll find yourself just staring. Once you’re done marveling at the Cathedral, stroll around the area, you’ll find loads of historic houses to tour.

Forsyth Park

While you’re in the historic district don’t forget to relax in Forsyth Park. It’s one of Savannah’s most well known parks. It has beautiful landscaping and lovely sweeping trees. If you’re up for it, have an evening picnic!

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Day 2:

City Market

Start the day off by strolling around the City Market. You’ll find cute little shops, restaurants, and sweets. You could definitely spend a whole day just wandering around here if you want.

River Street

If you decided you had enough of the City Market. Then head over to River Street, the beautiful cobblestoned streets are filled with little bakeries and shops. While you’re there, definitely check out Savannah Street Sweets or River Street Sweets (or both if you’re up for it). Be prepared for a very worthwhile sugar rush. One store we love is the Savannah Bee Company. There you’ll find tons of homemade honey goods like lotions, lollipops, and other sweets.

Savannah Bee Company
Bryd’s cookie company

RiverBoat cruises

While you’re on River Street, take a scenic tour on the Savannah Riverboat cruise. On the cruise, you’ll get a breathtaking view of Savannah. If you’re feeling a little hungry, they even have food and drinks on board!

If you didn’t eat on while on your cruise, grab a bite at one of the many restaurants on River Street. Treylor Park is famous for its eclectic take on Southern eats. Or dine inside a colonial mansion while enjoying divine southern classics at The Olde Pink House. If you’re not feeling too fancy and just want a quick but satisfying bite head to The Naked Dog Savannah, it’s a hot dog stand with various selections of specialty franks. 

If you’re up for more shopping go to the Tanger outlets. Serving you loads of deals and just a fun time. The shopaholic in you will thank you!

If you did not shop til you dropped, then end the night with a spooky ghost tour of Savannah. There are so many ghost tours around Savannah. Try a walking tour to get a good spook or even ride in the back of a hearse. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll be a grand time. Unfortunately, we did not have time to do one. But this will definitely be on the must-dos for next time! 

That’s all!

Two days in Savannah may not seem like a lot, but with the right itinerary, you can see so much of this beautiful city. Now, I’m sure you’re ready for your trip to Savannah, so start packing for an amazing and charming time!

xo, Katie

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