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Paris is like a beautiful dream, the food, the people, the atmosphere. Paris is a place that only seems to exist when I close my eyes. As time continues to pass, I’m truly starting to wonder if I was ever really there or was it really just a dream… I hope I can return someday and perhaps feel this same ambience. But for now, I will show you through my words and pictures. Here’s my Paris Travel Diary and the perfect way to spend 6 days in Paris.

My friend was kind enough to invite on this trip of a lifetime that I will surely never forget it. Paris was just like everyone said it was, except 10x prettier in person obviously. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be another beautiful structure or work of art. With that being said, it is quite obvious that I fell in love with this city immediately.

Paris Travel Diary

Day 1: 

After an eight hour flight through the night, we arrived in Paris. Due to some mishaps in the airport, we, unfortunately, had a late start to the day but that didn’t stop us of course. After arriving at the hotel and getting slightly settled we decided it was time to see what the city had to offer. Our first stop was none other than the Eiffel Tower. This tower was stunning and I honestly could not believe that I was actually there. After marveling at the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding areas we stopped for a bite to eat at Cafe Beaujolais. We sat outside and truly had quite the Parisian experience with amazing views and local atmosphere. The food was nothing short of amazing although I went with the most basic order of a chicken sandwich and fries (please don’t be me and go to Paris and get something so basic lol). 

Day 2:

The next day was spent wandering around Montmartre. Sometimes you need a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas. This area served as that escape, it was just as stunning as any other area in Paris. It was also full of unique structures and hidden gems. One particularly hidden gem that I liked was a little alleyway full of street art. It was so cool to see these highly detailed portraits of individuals. One portrait happened to be of a local man, we were lucky enough to get a picture of the artist and the man. It is always nice to get a little glimpse of how the locals live.

While wandering around we also stopped to get gelato, No surprise here, but it was delicious.

The high point of the day was definitely seeing the Sacré-Cœur. The Basilique had such a majestic feel. Inside, people were praying or just simply taking in the divine presence.

The Sacré-Cœur

Day 3:

Bright and early we rose to take the metro to go to Versailles. Taking the metro is a must when traveling to Paris in my opinion, you get to see so much beautiful scenery while passing through. But, HOLY when I say the Palace of Versailles was beyond stunning, it was!! This palace is worth the stop, you instantly feel like a part of the royal court when entering and that’s not even mentioning the garden which is just as, if not more beautiful. Although there was a little …um… mishap* here, I do not regret going to the Palace at all. I would recommend getting a ticket to the palace ahead of time to avoid waiting in the long line.

I would also recommend taking an early metro to experience the Palace close to empty and to also have enough time to experience the countryside (sadly we didn’t have time to do so). Although all of Paris is beautiful, I definitely now have a soft spot in my heart for the countryside. Seeing a glimpse of the slow life Versailles offered really sold me.
Mishap: Haha… well you see I actually lost my phannypack while here which was horrible at the moment but funny looking back at it not. However! I do NOT recommend taking off your phannypack, purse, satchel, whatever you’re carrying for a picture (lol). It is not worth your valuables getting lost. Please learn from my mistake. But yes! I did get it back (whew!).

The Garden of Versailles

Day 4:

Well of course we had to see the Louvre. This museum is massive, so massive in fact that after 3 hours inside the museum we STILL didn’t see all of the exhibits. If you want to see all the exhibits, plan to dedicate a couple of days to this museum. What we were able to see was amazing though, it was just so cool actually getting to see world famous artwork in the flesh. This was an out of world experience which I will never forget. I mean how many people actually get to say that they saw the Mona Lisa in person!

We were lucky enough to visit Paris at a time a carnival was occurring. It was conveniently located in the Place de la Concorde which is right by the Garden de Tuilleries. It was so fun and we got to see epic views of Paris! If you are in Paris during a time the carnival is open, go!

Later that afternoon we also went to the Arc de Triomphe. I don’t know if I am the only one who did not know this but you can actually go inside of the Arc! So of course, we did! 200 and something steps later we arrived at the top and got yet another stunning view of Paris.

Day 5:

Our last days in Paris, we spent most of the time relaxing. We first stopped at a local cafe named Bonon which was steps away from our hotel. My friend and I have quite the sweet tooth and had to stop ourselves from buying all of the sweets and pastries. And let me tell you, the French croissant is sooo good. Nothing can compare to the flaky, buttery, gooeyness that you find in an authentic fresh croissant. Next, we went to the Galleries Layfayette to do some shopping. We finished up this day with some dinner and then went to see Spiderman homecoming. The movie theaters in Paris are also so different (in the best way), not really sure how to explain but go if you can!

Day 6:

The final day we spent wandering around and we had a delicious dinner. My last and final tip is just to absorb as much as you can while traveling. Travel with the people you love and do things you love.Traveling is not just about going to all the trendiest spots, it’s about enjoying each and every moment. With that being said, I hoped you enjoyed my 6 Days in Paris and found some inspiration for your trip!

xo, Katie.

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Absorb as much as you can while traveling

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