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In today’s post, I collaborated with Christina from Christinamarietoo. Over on her blog, you’ll find content surrounding sustainability, travel, and style. Christina kindly shared all about life after college and her undergraduate experience. I shared more about my life as a current college student over on Christina’s blog, so be sure to check it out!

Christina and I have been following one another on Instagram for a while. Her blog and IG content are amazing, and after speaking with her over Facetime, I can confirm that she is such a sweet and down to earth person. I loved talking to her, and I’m sure you guys will love learning about her college experience and life after college!

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Christina’s College Experience & Advice

Where did you go to college, and what made you choose to go there?

Christina attended The University of San Diego in California. Christina chose to attend USD because of the beautiful campus and the close proximity to the beach.

As an East Coast girl, I’ve never been to California, but I bet it is SO beautiful over there! I’d love to go one day!

What was your major?

Christina originally intended to major in music but switched to communications and eventually ended up switching again. After deciding that neither one of those majors suited her, Christina dived into the world of business by majoring in marketing with a minor in performing arts entrepreneurship.

Christina described her major and minor as “a balance of fun and how to start your own business”. Christina described herself and her classmates as “guinea pigs” for the performing arts entrepreneurship minor since it was still fairly new. 

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of being in a major that has so much creativity and flexibility!

Do you feel like your major directly affects what kind of job you can get?

Christina’s first job after graduating from college was marketing at an entertainment company. Her friend and former colleague graduated as a History major but ended up with a job in Media. Her friends’ interest in entertainment landed him a job in Marketing at an entertainment company. At their marketing job, they helped the Game Show Network with their advertisements. 

Because of this, Christina says your major does not necessarily decide what kind of job you can get since “there are so many people with different backgrounds.” She says that as long as you can get the experience you need, you can kind of go anywhere. Christina also said that “most [people] just need a Bachelor’s degree” and an internship at a Marketing/Media Agency. However, she did point out that it is best to know people if you want to work in the entertainment industry.

Christina is currently working in Media as an assistant digital media strategist. Christina says she was not prepared for the world of media since she majored in Marketing. But regardless, she does not regret her major because she was able to be creative and learn about strategies in Marketing. 

If you take away one thing from this question, remember that your future is up to YOU. It’s okay to change paths, it’s okay to change your mind.


How would you describe your College experience? 

Christina loved every aspect of her college experience. And like almost all College Freshmen, her first year was full of fun parties. However, that scene mellowed out for her when she met her current boyfriend. Their story is pretty cute, so we will get to that soon.

For one, she met so many great people. She still lives with her freshman year roommate! 

She also met her current boyfriend during their Freshman year Spanish class. Out of the 6 people in the class, one person caught her attention, and she just “had to figure him out” . Well, that is just what she did, and the rest is history, as they say.

If you want the rest of the story, be sure to talk to Christina. It is truly the most wholesome and sweetest story lol.

Christina involved herself in lots of extracurriculars. Her prime one was her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Her sorority allowed her to meet many more amazing people through social events and volunteering. Christina said she especially enjoyed volunteering with kids. Christina said she wouldn’t trade her Sorority experience for anything. 

Christina was a part of a couple of multicultural clubs as well. The clubs allowed her to make lots of new friends. She said she was an ambassador for a bit and sponsored a high school student too!

This was my first time hearing about this program, but apparently, college students can sign up to host a high school senior in their dorms. The purpose of the program is to allow the high school student to get a feel of what college life is like.

You can say Christina was a great host because all of the students she hosted attended The University of San Diego!

Another thing Christina said she loves about living in San Diego is the food. I read her post about all of the good places to go in San Diego and let me just say I want to book a trip ASAP.

Christina also said that the University of San Diego is by no means a sports school. I think this is crazy because football is very important in my university.

Although the football scene at the University of San Diego may not be great, the beach scenery is! And rightly so, since the beach is just a drive away from the University.

While listening to Christina talk about her college experience I could literally feel the happiness seep from every word she spoke. I can tell she really enjoyed the time she spent at The University of San Diego and loved the connections she made.

What is one thing you did that you feel changed your experience for the better? 

An experience that changed Christina for the better was studying abroad in Prague. She went abroad her Junior year of school and was abroad from February to May.

Christina said that her study abroad experience taught her to be more independent, and she loved experiencing a new culture by herself. She described the city as a “Beautiful, fairytale land”. She also said the residents of Prague tend to be more serious/stoic and conservative in their way of dressing. 

Christina also interned as an international marketing intern while abroad (super cool!). She said her duties included making PowerPoint presentations and inputting data into Excel. 

Christina’s study abroad experience sounded amazing! I loved hearing about what she did and learned while abroad. Not only did she learn about a new culture but she also gained valuable knowledge that relates to her career!

What is one thing you regret that you didn’t do?

The one thing Christina said she regrets about her College experience is not living by the beach. She said that most seniors live by the beach during their last year since it’s steps away from the student apartments.

For that to be Christina’s only regret about College says something! It means that she thoroughly enjoyed every other aspect of her college experience and that’s pretty amazing!

How would you advise a current college student to go about making valuable connections (mentors, internships, clubs, etc)?

Christina advises all undergraduates to take advantage of their career centers if they have one. She also advises undergraduate students to look elsewhere if their school doesn’t have an internship they’re looking for.

One website she suggested to visit is Linkedin. Christina said that’s actually how she found many jobs and internships. She also pointed out that you can do a lot of stuff remotely now!

Christina also recommends that undergraduates join major-specific clubs. She said many student clubs offer internships and board positions. She said to also follow up with any of the guest speakers.

I love the advice Christina gave in this section! It’s inspired me to start being more adamant about looking for an internship.

What is your job and do you feel like it correlates to your major in college?

Currently, Christina works as an assistant digital media strategist. She helps plan and strategize digital advertisements, prepares PowerPoint presentations for clients, helps with billing money, and helps brainstorm new ideas and upcoming campaigns with her team. Their current client is CBS, which is just mind-blowing to me!

Christina says her current job correlates pretty well with her college major. She found the Information Systems class she took to be very helpful for her since it allowed her to get certified in Excel. In addition to that, the knowledge she gained from her past internships helps her with email design and PowerPoint design.

Christina also finds her extensive background in Social Media to be helpful when working with the Social Team at her current job.

I love how Christina can relate many tasks and duties at her current job to her college experience. It does show that college teaches us so much!

What will your life after college look like?

Christina is proof that life after college doesn’t have to be scary. Sure, there will be some challenges on the way but what’s most important is realizing that every opportunity is an opportunity for growth.

I loved hearing about Christina’s college experience and I hope you did too. She is truly so sweet! Be sure to check out her blog, and follow her on her socials below.


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Facebook: Christinamarietoo

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