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As a girl with oily and highly acne-prone skin, I have to be extremely careful about what products I use in my makeup routine. So, I decided to show you guys the makeup products for oily skin that I actually love and use!
I would also have to say I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to make up and would prefer not to spend over 10-15 minutes on it. Don’t get me wrong, the girls that are makeup geniuses get all of my kudos. But, I am just not that talented when it comes to makeup (or maybe I’m just impatient lol).

Before we dive into this post, I’ll give you a brief little background on my skin. I was NOT blessed with naturally clear skin. For years I struggled with horrible cystic acne that was literally everywhere on my face. On top of that, I have oily skin. Well, I’m sure you can guess that these two things are NOT a match made in heaven.
This really affected my confidence during those years, and I remember times that I didn’t even want to go in public because it was so bad. Ugh, such a sad flashback. However, now I can happily say that I have it under control. Of course, I still have my breakouts here and there, but now I kind of have clear skin (yay!).

So, if you’re also someone who struggles with acne, just know that there is something out there for you, and it does get better! But I will say having acne and oily skin has made me very cautious of the products I put on my face. I make sure to ALWAYS research the product and always make sure it is a non-comedogenic product. And with some thorough research, I thankfully found some of the best makeup for acne prone skin (and oily skin)!

Anyway, here are some makeup products that I actually use and love. And if you’re a fellow gal with oily or acne prone skin, then I’m sure you’ll love them as well!

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Makeup Products for Oily Skin and Acne Prone skin

Tarte shape tape (or NARS creamy radiant)

First on my list is Tarte Shape Tape. I’m sure you’ve heard of so many influencers talk about this stuff, but it really is amazing! I’ve used it for about two years now (even during my worst acne days), and it never breaks me out! In fact, it does quite the opposite it conceals, this may seem obvious since it is a concealer, but some concealers do NOTHING for covering blemishes. So if you’re on the market for a makeup product that actually conceals them, pick up this one!

Another one I like is the NARS Creamy Radiant! I like it but don’t use it as much because I accidentally got the wrong undertone.

Makeup products for oily skin

MAC Pep+Prime Translucent powder

I’ve actually had this primer for a little over three years now (I know, I know, you’re supposed to toss them after like one year). I use it to bake, and set the excessively oily areas on my face. For me, that’s my T-zone area, so I always let these areas bake for a bit before dusting off the powder. It’s done a great job over these last couple of years, but the next powder I plan on buying is the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, so I have to try it! 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation is not only one of the best for acne prone skin, but it also offers great coverage. I find that this is extremely buildable, and a little goes a long way! Also, since the product is matte, it really is perfect for oily skin!

The best foundation for people with oily skin

L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara

I know this product doesn’t actually go directly on your skin, but I had to mention it! I love love love using this mascara to lengthen my lashes.

The Best Lash lengthening mascara

Milani Cheek Kiss Blush

This blush is so so similar to Glossier Cloud paint for almost half the price! It goes on very pigmented and blends so effortlessly, but the best this is that it DOESN’T break me out!

The best blush for oily skin and acne prone skin

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Alright, so you HAVE to get this setting spray if you get nothing else on this list! It is my ride or die, and without this, my face is oily in 2.5 seconds. This makeup product is great for people with oily skin. It may seem overhyped to some, but I absolutely love it!

Best setting spray for oily skin (makeup for acne prone skin or oily skin)

I hope this post helps you find some amazing products to add to your makeup routine. Whether you need makeup for acne prone skin or makeup for oily skin, these products are perfect for you! Also, comment down below what kind of products you use in your makeup routine!

xo, Katie Mariah

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