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After a long day, the best thing to look forward to is a nice relaxing night routine. I don’t know about you, but a good sleep always makes me feel nice and refreshed in the mornings. Plus, practicing healthy habits will make our busy schedules flow way smoother. So, when you have a long day or just need some extra self-care, here are some night time routine habits you need to practice. 

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Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep


A light stretch before bed really rids the body of any held up tension. Plus If you have no idea where to start there are tons of youtube videos dedicated to stretching.

Read a good book 

Reading is a GREAT way to unwind. Reading before bed allows your mind to relax and dive into a different reality. I like to read lighthearted books or dystopian books before falling asleep. And to be honest, I can’t recall a time that I didn’t feel relaxed after reading.

Change into Pajamas

Just imagine a set of comfy, cozy pajamas after a nice warm bath, sounds pretty lovely to me!

Jot down your thoughts

Try journaling to get some of those thoughts out of your mind and on paper. Journaling can really be a form of therapy if you want! If you’re the type to keep all your thoughts in your head, let it out by journaling. It can be as simple as writing three things you loved about your day.

Light a candle (or turn on an oil diffuser)

This is one tip that I LOVE and not just because I love the scent of my candles. Having a nice scent in the room can set up a nice aura in your room. It really makes my room feel so relaxing and calm.

Declutter your space

A cluttered space means a cluttered mind. Declutter your space so you can have a nice clear head when going to sleep. Plus, when you wake up you’ll have less to do.

Do Something You Enjoy

Do whatever you enjoy in the evenings, whether that’s painting, cooking, or watching a movie. Doing something you love is sure to make you happier and at peace. I personally like to cook a delicious and healthy meal. Plus, I can go to bed knowing I ate food that was healthy and fueled my body.

Limit your Screen time Before Bed

I’m no expert but I know our electronics emit a ton of blue light. Bluelight tricks the brain into believing it’s still day time. By turning off electronics at least an hour before bed, we can allow our brains a break. Plus, I’m sure most of us could use a little detox from our constant stream of social media anyway.

I hope these habits help you get the sleep you deserve! Also here’s a Harvard article that discusses the dangers of blue light. Happy Sleeping!

xo, Katie

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    1. You’re welcome and thanks for reading! I know hard it is to get into a good night routine, so I’m glad these helped! 😄

    1. Yes! It’s so important have simple and easy habits. Nothing unrealistic or unachievable… I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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