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Welcome to college!!! It’s time to get the basic necessities we all love… school supplies!! 

Growing up, I LOVED school supply shopping. Just something about new stationery made me so happy (still does!). I always gravitated towards the cute character-shaped erasers ( you know, the ones that didn’t even erase well haha), neon gel pens, and the fruit-scented markers in elementary school. And, like any stationary obsessed middle school kid, I felt I needed to color coordinate my multiple folders and binders. Moving along into highschool, I still loved stationary but found I only ever needed a couple of items. 

So, although my love for this yearly shop never left, the supplies I actually needed slowly diminished. 

Now, as a college senior, I can say the days of gigantic school supply hauls full of colorful folders, too many binders, and those erasers that will always have a piece of my heart are long gone. But I have realized that some school supplies are sooo useful and others just are not

Let me fill you in on the college school supplies you’ll actually need and use during your four years. 

Because surprisingly, there are only a few must-have college school supplies. 

A Planner 

Arguably one of the most essential school supplies if you ask me. As a college student, your days can get PACKED and your assignment can pile UP. 

Please, please, please schedule out your time. You need to have enough time for your assignments, selfcare, fun time, and everything in between! Because trust me, burnout is very real. I go over more on that over here

Anywway, a planner is an absolute must-have school supply in college.

Comfy Walking shoes 

If your campus is anything like mine then it’s huge. This means you’ll definitely be walking A LOT. Do yourself a favor and get some comfy shoes. My favorite comfy and fashionable shoes are Supergas and Converses! I know this may not be your average school ‘supply’ but it is defintely a MUST-HAVE.

Sturdy backpack 

You’ll be carrying around your (most likely very heavy) textbooks, notebooks, and your laptop around campus. That means you NEED a nice and sturdy backpack that not only carries your necessities but also supports your back.  


With so many classes on your plate, it’s only right to have notecards on hand to help you easily recall information.


Collect loose papers and handouts you get from teachers! I found it surprising how many handout I received throughout college!


Another essential college school supply! We all take notes as students, so do yourself a favor and get some sturdy and cute pens!


Of course, you’ll be taking notes! I know some college students prefer using their laptops but nothing beats writing the material for yourself. I find handwriting my notes helps me learn the material quicker!

Notebooks: College school supplies


In between classes, headphones will be your best friend. Perfect to drown out the chats in the noisy campus coffee shop or to get yourself in the zone while you’re studying in the library. 

A Laptop

Another must-have college school supply is a laptop. 99% of college assignments require the internet. That means a dependable laptop is essential for us college kids. 

But if a laptop is out of budget for you right now, it’s defintely nothing to worry about! Most campuses have computer labs or laptops for students to borrow.


These are an absolute must when studying or taking notes! I actually have and use these highlighters pictured below and LOVE them! They’re double-sided and super pigmentated, plus can we talk about the colors????!!

Post-it notes 

Perfect for quick reminders and to-dos you have throughout the day!

Post it notes: college school supplies

You’re sure to start off your semester stong with these college supplies! There honestly the school supplies I found to always ALWAYS be useful during my time in college. So, I hope this helps you out as well, and you found some things you forgot put on your college school supply list!

xo, Katie

P.S. Did you LOVE school shopping growing up too? or cute stationary in general?

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