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Staying productive a home can be hard. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your time each day. Although sometimes it seems that we have infinite time. Fast approaching deadlines are always quickly reminding us we don’t.

Having simple ways to implement order into your life can truly change your day. Planing out your day can get your priorities out of the way and can leave you with the free time you want! Here are simple ways to plan your day to stay productive at home.

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Simple Ways to Plan Your Day

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  1. Start With a Good morning routine

Starting the day on a positive note sets the tone for the rest of the day. Do this by finding small moments of joy in your morning. Whether that be a yummy breakfast, a morning run, or simply having a hot cup of coffee

I’m always excited to make a tasty and healthy breakfast. I also love a good cup of coffee. Knowing that these things await me in the morning always boosts my mood. Find something that makes you excited to get up and do it!

  1. Plan week by week

At the beginning of the week, write out any assignments and obligations. This way you can see the week ahead of you. Do you have a project due Wednesday? Write that down. Do you have an appointment on Friday? write it down. Once you’ve got your weekly layout in order, you can dive into your daily plan. 

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  1. Make Daily To-do list

Put your to-do list in chronological order based on your due dates. Next, figure out the tasks that will take the longest. I recommend getting the tougher tasks out of the way first, so you won’t stress about them later.

I also like to do my to-do list the night before. That way when I wake, I know exactly what to get done.

  1. Schedule breaks

Breaks are essential for better productivity, sitting down all day doing work is not fun! Make time for things you like to do. If you like to work out, schedule time for it. However, if you absolutely have to watch the next episode of your fave show, schedule time for it.

Your day doesn’t have to be all work no play. Making time for the things you love will make you feel less restricted. When your break is over, 99% of the time you’ll feel ready to tackle your next task.

  1. Separate The Must Do vs. Want to Do

Another tip for staying productive at home is prioritizing your task. I recommend splitting your tasks up into two categories; must do v.s. want to do. Make the tasks you must-do first on your to-do list, make the tasks you want to do last. For example, if I have a chemistry assignment that is due 11:59 pm that night, and a project due in a couple of days. I’m going to the chemistry assignment first and the project later. Yes, I may want the project, but the chemistry assignment that is due at 11:59 pm takes top priority. If I still have time to get the project done later that day, I will. But the order of my to-do list is most important. 

There you have it, easy tips to increase your productivity while at home. Hopefully, these simple ways to plan your day will have you feeling less overwhelmed.

Also, remember to have a healthy balance between work and play. Life is not about how hard you work but how you’re spending your time. Take some time for the things you love and the people you love.

xo, Katie

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