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If you have come across this post, then you’re probably in the process of starting a blog (yay, go you!). But you’re probably also looking to make some extra money while STILL doing something you love! Well, I’ll show you how to start a blog and make money! And, let me tell you, you’ll absolutely love it! It’s so much fun being about to spread your voice into the world and have your own little corner of the internet.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you choose to purchase through my links. It’s no extra cost to you, and thanks for supporting me! 

Pick a niche

When you first start a blog, you need to pick a niche. A niche is your blog’s primary topic. Here are some niche ideas down below.

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • College
  • Baking
  • Self-Help
  • Beauty

Your niche can even be a combination of any of the above, such as fashion and travel. But remember to keep your intended audience in mind. 

Think to yourself, Who do I see reading my blog? What value do I want to provide to my readers? 

If you already have a specific audience in mind, then you’re doing great! If not, let’s keep moving along. Sometimes, you just need a little time to think about it.

Now that you’ve got your niche and your audience down let’s move onto the next step! 


Choose a blogging platform

Your blogging platform is the service used to publish your blog on the internet. Your blogging platform will also manage your site’s media, files, and simple things such as the paragraph and font styles. 

It’s also important to note that is NOT the same thing as self-hosted WordPress. Whereas, self-hosted WordPress is a free download and you’ll have full freedom to edit the code and files to your blog.

In order for you to have a profitable blog, it MUST be Self-hosted. This will also allow you to monetize* your blog. When I first starting researching how to start a blog, I had no idea I could make money from it! So you deserve to know that you can make money on your blog from day one!

*Monetizing means you can make revenue through your blog. Whether that’s from affiliate links, ads, or selling products. If you would like a post that dives further into this then feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Buy hosting

Here are some reasons I use Siteground as my hosting site. 

The 24 hour help center: That’s right, 24 hours! So if you’re confused about something or need a question answered quickly you can easily go over to their help center and speak with a REAL agent in a live chat or you can opt for an email. 

30-day money back guarantee: if you decide that SiteGround isn’t for you (which you won’t), you’ll still get your money back! Awesome, right? 

Free SSL: Basically instead of your site having an “HTTP” at the beginning, it’ll have an “HTTPS”. This allows you to encrypt all data transmission to protect your visitors. It also ensures that your site ranks higher in search engines, which is a major plus!

Now that you know some awesome details about SiteGround, Let’s choose a a plan. 

Click here to sign up for Siteground Hosting

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Plan 1: The StartUp plan is perfect for those of you just starting out. So, if you’re unsure about blogging but still want to make the leap, this is for you! 

Plan 2: Growbig is great for people who have multiple websites. You’ll also get access to Supercacher which increases the speed of your sites (this is your site loading time). If you have a slow loading time then potential readers are more likely to click off of your webpage.

Plan 3: GoGeek are perfect for well-established creators that have thousands of web views.

I highly recommend starting out with the Start-up plan and making your way up as you grow. As your income and traffic grows, your plan can grow with it! 

Next, you need a domain name. This means you BUY your domain and no one else can steal it and claim it as their own.

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Lucky for you if you don’t have a pre-existing domain you can get one with SiteGround. I used SiteGround to purchase my domain name. But, another way to purchase your domain is Namecheap. This system scans the web for your selected domain name to see if it is available.

Here are some important things you need to remember when choosing your domain name. 

Easily recognizable: will people be able to recognize the name right away? 

Easy to pronounce: If you plan on turning your blog into a business, choose a name that anyone can pronounce. 

Unique: Don’t just choose a name because you saw someone else use it, create your own and make it relate to you and your intended audience! 

Your domain name can also be as simple as using your name! That’s what I decided!

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, it’s time to Review and complete your order. Another reason to chose SiteGround is because of the great prices and all of the freebies included (free SSL, Daily Backups, Unmetered traffic, and much more!) In fact, if you use my referral link you’ll get a discount off of any of the chosen periods. So, for one whole year you’ll be paying the advertised discounted price. Therefore, you can pick the plan that works for you and still get a great deal!

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Log in to wordpress 

Now that your site is complete. You’ll need to click on Start a new website and under applications click WordPress. This will install WordPress to your computer and you’ll then be prompted to enter your WordPress admin information.

Once WordPress is installed and you’ve gone through the required steps. Just click Manage site tools and you’ve got yourself a website!

  • Quick tip: You won’t always have to log into SiteGround to get to your WordPress dashboard. To easily access your login page type This allows you to log into your website without going through SiteGround first. Here’s an example of what your unique login page below.
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Pick a theme for your blog

Once you login, your dashboard should look a little like this. However, you’ll probably have the greeting sign from SiteGround

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Now you need to pick a theme. Go over to appearance and click themes. There you’ll find hundreds of WordPress compatible themes. And, don’t worry your theme does not have to be permanent and can be completely FREE. I suggest going with a free theme until you start monetizing your website. Also, make sure to customize your theme to fit your website needs and to make it personable to you!

There you have it!

Now you know how to start a blog, yay! Simply follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your very own money-making blog! Also, let me know about the type of blog you’re thinking of starting in the comments below!

xo, Katie

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How to start a blog

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