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Welcome to Miami! These recommendations will get you packing in no time. Get ready for some fun in the sun, yummy food and just a darn good time! This is definitely how to spend 5 days in Miami!

My mom, some friends and I went to Miami in the last week of December. It was such a great way to end the year. Now that 2020 is a month in, I’ve finally decided to fill you in (better late than never right?) These suggestions are by far some of the best ways to spend any vacation in Miami. I would love to be on South Beach right now, but … let’s be real, college is crazy right now. I’m in the prime exam season and could definitely use another getaway. Really couldn’t all of us use a vacay? I mean who would say no to ocean waves and palm trees?! Anyway, here are some recommendations for YOUR trip to Miami and be prepared to buy a plane ticket asap (lol).

The Best Of Miami

Where to Eat in Miami

One of the best parts about traveling is trying new foods (if you don’t agree, I got to admit that’s a little strange). Anyway, before we can go anywhere we got to eat!

The Birdyard 

Alright so we all like to eat right? Well if you want some really good food …like finger linking good (sorry I had to!). Then go to The Birdyard! They have the BEST food. I was so shocked at how delicious the food was, and that’s not to mention the presentation. I had the chicken biscuits,  and they were so yummy. They were the perfect balance between sweet and savory. We also had lobster mac n cheese and wow! Some of you may be skeptical but if you like seafood and you love cheese then go for it! They also have chicken and waffles, shrimp grits and a multitude of other yummy options.


Tacology is next up. The scenery in this restaurant was so cute. They have a couple of walls with music videos playing from artists were all around the world. The set up of the menu is super cool too, you have an iPad at your table and can order anything. The tacos come in sets of two, so honestly, you can try all the tacos if you’re up for it.

All Day

SUCH a cool little hidden away restaurant. As suggested by the name, they serve breakfast All Day. I was one happy gal because If ya didn’t know I LOVE breakfast food, it’s my fave meal of the day. The food was good plus they had food available for those with food allergies.

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Cake is still food, right? Yea let’s just say it is. After having quite the sweet tooth, we went here on a spur of the moment decision. If you are looking for a sweet nightcap, I’d definitely recommend going here.  It was pretty late at night, so sorry for the complete absence of pictures. 

The Best Coffee shops in Miami

I loveee coffee so obviously it had to have its own category. Here are a couple of coffee places I really enjoyed. 


Illy is an Italian cafe and my mom and I were lucky enough to have one in the lobby of our hotel. So, of course, we had to go grab a coffee every morning (duh!). But seriously, their coffee was so good! They also had lots of pastries and sandwiches available, so no surprise here, but I got a chocolate chip cookie.


Pasiōn del cielo 

This place has a highly customizable coffee. They have coffee roasts from all around the world. You get to pick which roast you want and they have so many roasts to choose from. If you want some really good coffee, definitely go here! Since I was still in the holiday spirit I went with a peppermint mocha. 

Things To Do in Miami

Alright, now that your tummy is full and no one is hangry let’s get to the fun. 


First let’s talk about Aventura, well Aventura mall in particular. This mall was huge… they have such a large variety of stores ranging from designer to everyday brands. We spent a large chunk of one of the days here and still didn’t see the full mall. I’d recommend going here if you literally want to shop ‘til you drop. 

Brickell City Centre

Next, another shopping center worth mentioning is Brickell City Centre. It’s such a beautiful outdoor mall. It has many unique stores from all over the world. If you are looking for some truly personalized pieces definitely go here! Plus they have a large variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and creameries

South Beach 

Did you really go to Miami if you didn’t go to South Beach? Take a walk down Ocean Drive, shop around, eat good food! If you have time jet ski or maybe go on a sunset cruise (I really want to do this!).


One place, in particular to go to is Wynwood Walls. It’s an area full of art-filled walls (I’d prefer the word art over graffiti lol). The walls are stunning, it was so cool to see the different interpretations of art. I could have spent hours just admiring this area.

More things to do in Miami

Since we weren’t in Miami for that long, we weren’t able to do everything. But if you have time, maybe you should check these places out. 

It would be so fun to go here and take in the scenery. Also, imagine the pictures you could get here?!

Really would love to this. Lowkey would be a little scared of possible sharks but jetskiing looks like such a fun sport!

Ah I can just imagine the view you could get while cruising along the ocean. This would be such a beautiful and relaxing experience.

This is a chinese lantern festival. I’ve been to twice before in North Carolina and thought going to one in Miami would be even better! It’s truly an amazing experience. I wonder how the heck they even make these lights.

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More Pictures


All Day


La Centrale, Italian Market

This restaurant is closed, unfortunately

The Birdyard

Well that’s all folks… seriously such a great time! There is so much to do in Miami and I can’t wait to go back and do more. If you are planning on going to Miami soon, definitely give these recommendations a go! Also, feel free to leave some other things to do in the comments. I would love to get some more ideas for next time around!

xo, Katie

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