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How to Get out of your Slump & Get Productive!

We all have our days when we just don’t feel like doing anything. But unfortunately, we still have things that must get done. I’ve been there too and these are some ways I seriously struggle to increase my productivity. If you’ve been there too and need some tips to increase your productivity, then this post is for you!

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Take a break

My productivity is never ever good unless I feel I’ve had a proper break. One way I like to take breaks is by scheduling workdays and relaxation days. Monday through Friday, I dedicate my time to getting my school work and other priorities done. However, I allow my self to relax and have a bit more fun on the weekends. Giving myself time to relax on the weekends ensures I’m recharged by the time Monday rolls around. Of course, there are some weekends where I have to do some work, but it’s all about keeping a nice balance.

I also am a big believer in scheduling breaks during the workday. I recommend trying what’s called the Pomodoro Technique. Basically, you give yourself a set amount of time to get a specific task done, and then you have a scheduled break. For example, you can work on one task for 50 minutes then break for 15 minutes. Simply repeat this process until all of your obligations are done! This technique allows you to increase your productivity in that a set amount of time. While still allowing you time to take breaks. 

Brain Dump

Do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed with all of the tasks you NEED to get done but have no ideas where to start? This is where brain dumping comes into play. You simply write down everything you need to get done in no particular pattern. Just dump it! Now instead of your thoughts running rampant in your head, it’s all out on a sheet of paper. Chances are you have less to do than you thought!

Find a new environment

Sitting in the same place, doing essentially the same thing every single day can be tiring. Try to switch up your scenery to kickstart your productivity. If you normally study at your kitchen table, try getting work done outside or at a cafe instead.

I also recommend staying away from places that are too warm and comfy. Studying on your bed or couch will have you napping within a couple of minutes. So try to find an environment that fuels your productivity, not one that sucks it up. Having a distinct work area and relaxation area will allow your mind to know when it needs to switch to work mode.

Reward yourself

Having something to look forward to will make you more likely to get your task done! Say you really want to go get some yummy Baskin Robbins ice cream, but you have a pile of homework that needs to get done. Try doing your homework first, and then your ice cream can be your reward for accomplishing your work. It may be simple but it works!

Also, try to write down your tasks as a list. Figure out what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and what will be your reward for accomplishing it. This way you can check off each task and track your progress.

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Do some self care 

Chances are you’re in a slump because you’ve been putting your well-being on the back burner. Reclaim your wellness by making some time for yourself. Do something that makes you feel happy, like taking a nice warm bath or going to the park with friends. Life cannot be all work and no play, so find time to do the things you enjoy. 

Allowing yourself to take a step back will ensure that you feel recharged when you get back to your priorities. Remember you should ALWAYS have time for yourself even when times get busy. Plus, having a good work-life balance will keep you from feeling restricted. If you need some tips for balancing life and priorities, then check out this post

Now that you know how to increase your productivity, it’s time to put these words into action! These super simple tips will have you out of your slump in no time at all. And while you’re busy being productive, remember to take some time to relax too! Until next time…

xo, Katie Mariah

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  1. I love how you start a post on kickstarting productivity with “taking a break.” I don’t know if this was intentional but it is so so true. Counter intuitive perhaps, which is why it is rarely on peoples lists, but it should be. Very pertinent. Thanks

    1. I actually find that I’m usually the most unproductive when I’m tired or worn out. It’s so important to refuel yourself, so this is a tip that I though others could use too! I’m glad you found the post helpful, thanks for reading!

    1. Ugh, totally relate. Sometimes I procrastinate too, but I do find these tips help me get back to a productive mindset. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love these! Especially the point about self care! We tend to put so much emphasis on being busy and neglect self care. Meanwhile in order to be productive and truly effective, we need to prioritize self care!

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