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We’ve all been there, we study, study, study. We study in the morning, we study in the shower, we study while we’re eating and we study while we should be sleeping. But no seriously, I’m sure most college students know what I’m talking about. The week before an exam where your social life ceases to exist and you literally eat, drink and breathe your textbooks and notes. Well, sometimes that studying doesn’t seem to pay off. I’m here to tell you it happens to the best of us and honestly most of us. Here are some tips to move on from your Exam Blues.

Detach your worth from what you accomplished

First, it’s important to realize that you are more than a number on a sheet of paper. Sure, this grade may seem to be the only thing that matters at this moment. But just remember this is just a moment. Years down the road, heck even a week from now this grade is not going to define you. Pick yourself up and remember who you are, remember the things that actually define you. (your kindness, your grace, how you treat others)

Talk it out (or write it out)

Sometimes the best remedy for getting over the past is to write down what you’re feeling or talk with someone you trust. It’s best not to let negative thoughts cloud your head.

Do something you love

Whether that’s watching Netflix, reading a book, or working out. Do something that you genuinely enjoy to ease your mind. I personally like to work out when I’m feeling stressed out or a little sad. Something about working up a nice sweat really puts me in a great mindset.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

We all do it. When things don’t go our way we immediately want to blame ourselves or others for our shortcomings. It’s always “Professor *insert name here* didn’t even talk about this?” or “I’m just not good at this!”. Sure, sometimes the professor may have not discussed a certain topic well. Or maybe you could have brushed up on a certain skill more. But there is nothing you can do about that now except prepare better next time which brings us to the next point of…

Reevaluate your study habits

It’s important to realize that studying is not one size fits all. What I mean by this is that sometimes just rereading over the material will work for one class and not the other. Each class must be approached differently when it comes to studying. Evaluate what study method works best for each class and use it.

xo, Katie

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