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Valentine’s day is almost here! And while Valentine’s day may be a day for those who are boo’d up, Galentine’s Day is a day specifically for the girls! Show yourself and your girlfriends some love this year with these fun and simple things to do! 

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1.) Girls’ Night In!

I’m sure we’re all very much accustomed to staying in nowadays… but let’s add a little spice to that! Gather your closest friends and host a sleepover! Watch your favorite movies, make some yummy snacks, decorate your place with tons of reds, whites, pinks, and of course hearts!

2.) Dress up 

It doesn’t have to be date night for you to get dressed up. Put together your cutest fit, apply some smoldering make-up, and take some pics! You’re looking good and feeling good, so mind as well document the moment! 

3.) Make Valentine’s Day themed goodies 

Nothing says Galentine’s Day like yummy treats! Whip up some chocolate covered strawberries or make a heart-shaped cake! There are loads of delicious goodies on Pinterest, so check it out! 

4.) Have a movie night 

Watch all of the sappy chick flicks this Galentine’s Day, or if you’re really looking for a “boo” watch a spooky horror movie! 

5.) Make a list of things you love about yourself 

Valentine’s day can be lonely for those that may not have a significant other. But who says you’re any less significant? Make yourself feel loved by writing some things you love about yourself! It’s always important to love yourself first because self-love is the best love, my friend! 

Things to do on Galentine's Day 2021
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6.) Have a Picnic 

This is by far one of my favorite things to do on any sunny day. But can you imagine a Galentine’s Day themed picnic??! How about 10x more fun!! Gather ingredients for a yummy charcuterie board, pick up your favorite wine (preferably pink!), and you can’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries! You and your girls will have an absolute blast just chilling on a cozy blanket, chatting, and eating good food! 

7.) Make your friends some Galentine’s day goody bags 

Share the love this season by gifting your gals a goody bag! Throw in some face masks, candles, snacks, gift cards, and of course, lots of chocolate! 

9.) Buy yourself some flowers 

Who says you need a hot date to buy you flowers? Be your own hot date, and buy yourself some flowers… you deserve it, girl! 

10.) Make some friendship bracelets with your girls!

At the end of the day, a solid and wholesome friendship is worth so much more than gold (and temporary men lol).

11.) Have a Spa night 

This is honestly a classic but you truly can’t go wrong here! Pamper yourself with your favorite body scrub, face masks, and tea. Self Care is the best care, show yourself some love with an at-home spa night. 

12.) Have a Karaoke Night!

Sing your heart out with your besties this Galentine’s Day! Because I can’t be the only one that likes to pretend that I’m the next Mariah Carey lol!

xo, Katie

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