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Hi my wonderful readers! Today we have another guest on the blog named Alex. Alex will take you through an average morning in her life as she juggles her life as a babysitter, blogger, and photographer. I also go through my morning routine on Alex’s blog, so be sure to check it out. Don’t forget to read her introduction below to know a little bit more about her!

Hi guys!! I’m Alex, I’m a 19-year-old blogger, photographer, and earrings maker, and I’m stealing the blog for today. On my blog, I talk about where my mind is at in a specific week. I also like to talk about my creative process and my thoughts on life that specific week. I’m moving to Los Angeles next year from Nashville, Tennessee. Katie and I decided to do a collab, so she’s stealing my blog too!

My Morning Routine

I’m going to be talking about my morning routine. As tedious and intimidating as a morning routine may sound, it can actually be fun!! To me, a morning routine is a form of self care that can be done daily, and it’s easy to squeeze into your day. Let’s get started!

For me personally, I don’t have a time I wake up every day. I babysit twice a week so on those days I’m up at 6:30, but my other days are more laid back.

After I wake up, I chill in my bed for about half an hour because it takes me time to actually wake up after my alarm goes off. I’ll get my breakfast right after I wake up so I can eat in bed. Oatmeal and a smoothie are my go to— they are easy on the stomach and very yummy. 

Next, i’ll shower and get dressed. I like to at least do my hair or get out of my pajamas, it makes me feel more put together. if i need to run errands or anything of the sort, i’m ready to go!

after that, i’ll do something to relax. i might watch Tik Toks, or get on Pinterest for a little bit. i usually try and put a timer on so i don’t go down a rabbit hole and look outside and it’s already dark out. 

Next, I work on something, be it running errands, working on earrings, cleaning, writing etc. I like to do at least one thing to yield productivity, so i don’t feel like i wasted a day.

Although, I don’t have a super extravagant morning routine, but it’s important to have some similar components day to day. I hope this has helped at least a little bit!

Hopefully Alex’s morning routine gave you a new perspective and maybe some new ideas for your own morning routine. Remember Mornings don”t have to be crazy busy. Just be sure it fits your needs and wants for the day. Whether you love a good morning workout or just a hot cup of joe, design a morning routine that fits you! Also, be sure to check out her socials below to get to know her even better!


Instagram: @alexgcullum @nashvilleknickknacks

Pinterest: alexgcullum

xo, Katie

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