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Hi guys! Today we have guest Alannah Francesca, a fellow lifestyle blogger and college student that will be taking you through her must-have morning rituals. Alannah provides us with 5 things she does every morning that makes her day productive. Please read Alannah’s introduction below to learn more about her.

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Hey friends! My name is Alannah. I’m from Ohio where I’m working and in college full-time. I created my lifestyle blog, Alannah Francesca, so that I could share my love of beauty and travel, but also to share and promote my inspiration for living a happy and healthy life. 

How many people can honestly say they love mornings? Not many! However, mornings can be hard, especially if you don’t get enough sleep and don’t have a good morning routine. I used to roll out of bed at the latest possible time I could and rush to get ready. All I would think about those days was being able to go back to sleep. How can you expect yourself to be productive in this state of mind? Since then, I’ve established a better sleep schedule and a morning routine that I look forward to!

The way you run your mornings determines how the rest of your day plays out. In order to have a productive day, you need to start making that happen early on. Prioritize the parts of your morning that make you feel motivated and you will be successful. Take control of each and every day, instead of letting the day take control of you! Here are 5 things to do every morning for a productive day. 

Things to do for a Productive day

1. Make your bed.

Making your bed as soon as you get up will make you feel like you’ve already started being productive, and this little bit of productivity will motivate you to keep going! Think about it. When you’re having a productive day, it’s a lot easier to stay productive rather than when you feel like you’re getting nothing done and it’s harder to get started. Also, having a nicely made bed feels so much better to get into at the end of the day! 

2. Do something physically or mentally active. 

This one can be tailored to anyone. Taking a morning walk or run can really get your mind going. Personally, I focus on the mental side of this one in the mornings just because it fits into my routine more conveniently. Maybe I’ll spend 15 minutes reading a book, or even doing some kind of puzzle. Listening to music is a great one, too. Choose one thing that gets your mind or body moving and spend 15-30 minutes on it each morning. 

3. Plan out your day.

Write down a to-do list for your day and set a schedule for yourself. I have fallen in love with my 8 Minute Planner from Amazon. As well as having standard monthly calendars, you have a space to set weekly and daily goals. Each day you can fill in a to-do list, write down one thing you’re grateful for, and fill in time slots throughout the day. This is one of the best purchases I have made to boost my productivity and overall wellbeing. 

4. Eat a nutritious and mindful breakfast.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic: breakfast is important. I used to grab a granola bar or piece of fruit on my way out the door every morning because I didn’t make time to have a real breakfast. Now that I’ve been taking classes online and working from home, I’ve had more time to make something I love every morning. Experiment around with different foods to find a breakfast you love, and eat it mindfully everyday. This means sitting down with no distractions, focusing on each bite and every taste. People who eat mindfully are less likely to overeat and will be able to properly enjoy their food. Your body and mind will thank you!

5. Get dressed.

Even when working from home, it’s important to get dressed as if you have to leave the house. By staying in pajamas all day, it creates a mindset where you’ll just feel like lounging around and not getting much done. However, by getting dressed, you’ll feel like you’re more ready to take on the day which will lead to increased productivity. 

Take Control of your Day

Maybe you already do some of these things. Which ones do you find work best for you? Sometimes it’s not about changing our morning routine, but being more mindful of the things we’re already doing. Either way, experiment with what makes you feel like the best version of yourself every morning, and you’re guaranteed to have a much more productive day!

Alannah’s simple morning habits definitely made me wonder what changes I can make to my mornings to make my day more productive. I also hope this post motivated you to make some changes as well! Be sure to check out her social handles below.


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xo, Katie

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