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Having a good morning routine really sets the intention to the day. There are some things I do literally every day and would consider them to be an essential part of my morning and also a form of self care.

Although, jobs, classes, or other priorities can make it seem like there’s no time to relax in the morning. It’s important to remember that how we begin the dictates how the rest of the day goes. Begin your morning with at least one of these 5 things to make your day better. Whether it’s setting aside 5 or 10 minutes out of your morning to do so.

Here are 5 things you can do every day that just make the day happier, smoother, and overall a better day.

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1. Make a To-Do list

Whether it’s on my phone, written down, or simply in my head. There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t have things I want to get done. Some days that happens to be working out others it may be filling out paperwork for college. I’m definitely a person that likes routine. I really do NOT like the thoughts of what needs to be done weighing over my head so I like to plan. A really great tip is to write down your To-do list the night before!

2.  Actually Eat Breakfast 

I am a gal that truly values a hearty breakfast. I find that if I skip breakfast I am normally snacking all throughout the day and never really satisfied. To avoid this I like to have a nice tasty breakfast in the AM. Some of my fave breakfasts include Greek yogurt parfaits, scrambled eggs, or oats topped with fruit. 

Many of us skip breakfast because “we don’t have time”.  But try to make the time by prepping food the night before. You can get having grab and go yogurts or healthy breakfast bars. Try having a good breakfast before going to work, to class, or whatever duties you may have for the day. We all need energy to get through the day so start by actually eating breakfast. 

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Growing up I used to hate water, to me “it didn’t taste like anything”. Honestly, maybe I was just addicted to sugar lol. But nowadays  I can’t go a day without finishing at least 6 cups of water. My daily goal is to drink a gallon a day but most of the time I’m about a cup shy of my goal.  Hydrate yourself as soon as you wake up, you’ll be surprised how good you feel later! 

Also, try to get a cute portable water bottle! This way you’ll actually want to use it!

4. Let light in

The day really hasn’t begun until you actively acknowledge that it’s daytime. A dim room will make you feel like it’s still night time, so open your blinds as soon as you wake up. This will flip the switch in your brain and will make you more likely to get moving!

5. Make your Bed 

When I wake up, I HAVE to make my bed right away. Even if the rest of my room (or life lol) is a mess. At least I know I can count on one thing being nice and tidy. Make your bed so when you get home, you can count on at least one thing is nice and tidy. Even if it’s just you picking up the fallen pillows on the floor or loosely tucking your sheets back in. Coming home to a made bed will give you some relief.

These tips will always be an important part of my morning routine. Carve out some time in your morning to try these simple morning routine hacks. Also, what are some things you absolutely have to do in the morning?

xo, Katie

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