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It’s a New Year, heck! it’s a new decade (crazy!). A New Year can mean a lot of things. It can mean a time for a change, a time for new perspectives, a time for reflection. Don’t get me wrong, ANY day can be the start of something new. But something about a new year makes it feel like you get a fresh start. If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a rut or 2019 just did NOT feel like your year. Here’s healthy mix of 20 goals and fun things that I would like to follow through with in 2020. Maybe you can incorporate some of my goals in your life or take the time to create your own! Cheers to letting the past be the past and putting our best foot forward in this new decade. Here are 20 things to do in 2020! 

  • Go on a roadtrip with my friends

 I love road trips so in 2020, I want to go on a roadtrip with my closest friends. 

  • See the Sunrise                   

 I would 100% consider myself a morning person. Yet, I haven’t dedicated a morning to see the sunrise. 

  • Develop a Healthy Academic Relationship 
I’m the type of person that has to have everything basically perfect. I think it’s time for me to take my own advice and separate my worth from my accomplishments. At the end of the day, I am not a number or a letter on a sheet of paper.
  •  Go back to writing a book

Back in 2017 I started to write a book (it was pretty interesting if I do say so myself). My goal is to either keep writing that book or start another book. Fingers are crossed but we’ll see. 

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  • Take a self care day 

Big Girl Moves I know. But I think it would be pretty relaxing and cool to just go to the spa alone one day and just chill. I’m naturally an introvert anyway and tend to get nervous in social  situations. But I think it would be nice to just take a ME day. 

  • Have a Picnic

Picnics hold such fond memories to me. I remember me and my family would take little day trips to the waterfront not far from where I live. My brothers and I would play on the playground, we would eat the food we packed and go to the best ice cream place in town (in my opinion lol).The views were great but the time we spent together there, I will forever cherish.  But I want to recreate those memories with my friends.

  • Think Positive Thoughts

It’s time for me to stop letting doubts cloud my mind and go after what I want. I also want to stop letting my negative thoughts go into the world, whether that’s through my words or actions. The power of the mind is powerful, if you are constantly looking for the bad of course you are going to find it. But if you are thinking good thoughts then good will be found.

  • Read books out of my comfort zone

I typically only read for pleasure which is great because it’s better than binging Netflix. But going into my 20’s I want to read books that challenge me to think differently. I want to read books that provide value and education to my life. I think the biggest part about growing up is knowing that you never really stop growing (not mentally at least because I definitely have been 5’1 since middle school). But as I enter the real world I would like to keep learning.

  • Go to a concert

This may be crazy to some of you guys but I’ve never actually been to a real concert. Wow, I know, but I want to go to a concert. I would LOVE to see the Weeknd or BTS in concert. But some other artists that would be pretty cool to see would have to be Drake, Post Malone, Khalid and a couple of others.

  • Maximize my time everyday

One of my favorite youtubers, Natalie Barbu, often talks about what she does to maximize her time each day. She says that EVERYONE has 24 hours in a day so how you choose to use it is up to you. I firmly believe in this, if I want to make a change in my life, I need to prioritize my time and what I am dedicating my time towards. 

  • Challenge Myself
I feel like for awhile, I’ve been really comfortable being where I am. Sure, it’s nice to feel comfort but there’s a fine line between comfort and being stagnant. I want to challenge myself to do things that I’m unsure of because after all you can’t have room for growth if you are always the same.
  • Appreciate and Absorb

Often times we forget to just breathe and absorb what is around us, our family, the nice weather, the shelter over our heads. It is very important to realize what privileges you may have that others may not. If you’re reading this, then you have the privilege to have internet and a mobile device. It’s important for all humans to appreciate all blessings, big and small because at any moment anything could change. So a goal of mine is to practice gratitude as much as I can as a way to reset myself and remind myself that life may not be perfect but I still have things to be grateful for.

  • Volunteer in the community

During highschool, I volunteered A LOT but I don’t know if it’s because I just finished my first year in college or what, because I have yet to volunteer since. So my goal for this school year is volunteer. 

  • Start Saving

I may be young but I know that I do NOT want to be broke lol. So my goal for myself is save, save and save some more. My mom told me that I have expensive taste (I obviously get it from her). So if I want to live the lifestyle I want I need to be smart with how and where I am spending my money. 

  • Not dwell in my mistakes

Ugh, yes I tend to do this. However, I want to learn to let things go. A quote I love is “Don’t trip over what is behind you”. It reminds me that what is in the past does not define the future so don’t trip!

  • Go on a hike

I don’t know, hiking just sounds like a fun thing to do. 

  • Make a new friend 

I am the queen of introvertness, I think it’s time I change that. True, I’ll probably never NOT love being alone but I do have hopes to make at least one new friend. 

  • Learn a new language 

If you know me well, you know that I love french. I took two years of French in highschool and I still know quite a bit. However, I want to learn more and  also want to learn some korean. I Love K-dramas and I listen to some korean music so I think it’s only fair that I learn the language. I’m not saying I’ll be 100% fluent by the end of 2020 but a girl can try. 

  • Create my own recipes

Cooking, baking, you name it, I love it. Whenever I need to ease my mind, all I have to do is whip something up in the kitchen  (most likely chocolate chip cookies, yum) and I’ll be A-okay. Since I love to make homemade goodies, I want to create my own recipes. Honestly, having my own recipe book one day would be so cool.

  • Get an internship or Shadowing opportunity 

The idea of stepping out into the real world and experiencing the career life has always been a goal of mine. If I’m being real, I would love to intern somewhere in a city, the idea of being surrounded by all your basic needs is pretty cool to me.

I’m really excited to look back at this post and see what I accomplished. What are some goals you want to accomplish or things you want to do in 2020? 


xo, Katie

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  1. Love this post! I definitely need to go to concerts more in 2020. I’ve literally only been to one all my life (I’m 25) … and of course it was for Beyonce lol. Also going to add volunteering more and finish writing my first ebook.

  2. Thank you! I’m really hoping I can go to a concert this year, fingers crossed. Also, good luck on your ebook, I’m sure it will turn out great!

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