Self-care goes beyond just pampering; it’s physical and mental too. It’s important to check in on your mental health and also get enough activity throughout the day. Sometimes, we all could detach from work, school, or whatever may be overwhelming and do something solely for ourselves. Take some time to destress with these simple self-care tips.

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1. Have a Dance Party

It may sound silly, but I’m being so serious. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, just turn on some of your favorite music and dance it out. I’m sure most of your worries will be gone by the time you’re done jamming.

2. Grow a Plant Baby

Having some greenery in your home can bring in some life (literally). Get a cactus, a succulent, or some pretty flowers and watch it grow! I actually have a couple of pots of flowers and they’re so cute!

3. Do a Sheet mask!

Taking care of your skin is great, and it’s definitely one of the more obvious ways to practice self-care! Plus, sheet masks just make you feel so luxurious!

4. Cook a yummy meal!

Seriously, what can’t a good meal fix. Go on Pinterest and find something yummy to make! There are tons of recipes from deserts to dinner! 

5. Go on a scroll

Sometimes you just need to get moving. Getting those endorphins pumping can really boost your mood. While you’re at it, listen to one of your fave podcasts, books, or some music.

6. Declutter

To truly declutter your mind, it’s important to declutter your space. I don’t know about you, but I get more stressed seeing clutter laying around. Get rid of any messiness that’s around your space and relax.

7. Make a cozy drink

Whether it be a nice cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or some chamomile tea. A hot drink can really wind you down.

8. Do some yoga!

Moving your body can be great in releasing built-up stress. You’ll be amazed by how much tension your body holds, so definitely stretch it out!

9. Get off of Social Media

Social media is not always good for mental health. I’ll admit I love to scroll through Instagram and TikTok too. But, a major part of self-care is recognizing when something is affecting your health negatively. Detach from the online world, and do something you love.

10. Have a Facetime party!

Sometimes you just need to ease your mind and what better way than to gather all of your friends and have a “party” on your phone!

P.S. Use the Houseparty or Airconsole app to play games with your friends while video chatting!

11. Paint!

Painting is so therapeutic and it’s a great way to get creative!

12. Watch your favorite movie or show

There’s nothing like a good ole movie to get you out of a funk. Turn on one of your faves and just relax. Forget about what’s going on around you and get lost in the plot.

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