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During this time of isolation, it can be hard to find things to do. Especially when most of us are used to having strict schedules to follow from school or work. I was having some trouble figuring out what to do since I have so much free time. I didn’t just want to stare at my phone all day, so I came up with 10 things to do when you’re bored.

With the virus going around most of the world is now doing “social distancing”. This means taking precautionary measures in hopes of slowing down the spread of the illness. Social distancing is done by cutting down on large gatherings and staying away from others. Most schools, public places, and nonessential stores such as dine-in restaurants and gyms are now closed.

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Things To do While Social Distancing

Catch up on TV Shows

I know I always do this. I see a show that looks interesting on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever streaming app I happen to be on. But do I ever watch it? No. I’m sure some of you guys are like that too. Well, since we’re stuck inside anyway we mind as well watch those shows. Some TV shows I’d recommend are The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, The Originals, Good Trouble (if you’re a Fosters Fan), While You Were Sleeping, or Containment.

Make Some Phone Calls

If you’re in college, then that means you likely have some out of state friends that you can’t see right now. It may seem kind of obvious, but why not call them? They’re probably bored out of their minds too, so you guys can be bored together! You could also call some family you haven’t heard from in a while. In this time of uncertainty, almost everyone could use someone to talk to.

Bake Something Yummy

I loveee to bake when I’m bored. This is something I do all of the time. I definitely do this a lot during the school year when all of the school work seems to be weighing on my head. It’s also a great stress reliever if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the news surrounding the virus. Head over to Pinterest to find loads of yummy recipes you can follow!

Read a GOOD book 

I recently posted a blog post of some must-read books for 2020. I’m currently reading House of Earth and Blood and it is such a good read so far. But seriously, now that we have the time, pick up a book and get to reading. It’s the perfect time to get lost in a fantasy world rather than constantly worrying about the real world. Here are a couple books I’ve been loving; The Silent Patient, which is about a woman who mysteriously murders her husband and goes silent, and House of Earth and Blood, about a woman hellbent on getting revenge for her friends’ horrid murders. 

Click here for more Must Read Books!

Do some Spring Cleaning! 

I know I know, We all say, I’ll clean when I have time. But… then you actually have time and ver do it. Don;t do that now! Actually get all of that work you’ve been putting off done. I’ve personally been putting off cleaning my closet. During this time off I’ve dedicated time to decide what I’m keeping, selling, or donating. Getting this out the way has made me feel sooo accomplished. 

Move your body

Many of us put off working out because we don’t have time. Well… now we have the time so mind as well start! Working out doesn’t have to be boring or feel like manual labor! Find a workout you love, it can be yoga, pilates, HIIT, or even just dancing. Heck, I’m sure those Tik Tok dances everyone seems to be doing can count as a workout! There are plenty of videos on youtube and Instagram that can guide you if you’re unsure where to start. I’ve linked one below that I’ve done, it’s such a quick but effective way to get moving.

Play Some Board Games

Contrary to popular belief, board games are still fun to play! If you happen to be isolated with some of your friends or family grab a game and play! I’m sure most of us have classic games such as Checkers, Monopoly, and Uno stored away. Bring them out and enjoy some “friendly” competition.

Self Pampering

During the school year us college students seem to never get  time to just relax without the overwhelming fear of what’s due next. Well, now that we have a little unplanned break, why not just relax, do a face mask, do some yoga, turn on a diffuser, or maybe paint your nails.


Journaling can mean many different things to people. But here are some ideas! You could write down how you’re feeling, similar to just keeping a diary. You could start a scrapbook! Grab all of those polaroids you’ve been collecting and make a cute little notebook. If you’re more artistic with your words, start a poem book. Honestly, with journaling, the ideas are endless.

Spend time with loved ones!

As a society we are so used to being busy and on the go. However, it seems that we are being forced to slow down. With this extra time, it’s important to spend time with the ones you love. Definitely, do some of the activities above with them since I’m sure most of you are isolated with them anyway.

Well, here are 10 things to do while you’re stuck at home! Although we can’t control the things that are going on in the world. We can control how we choose to react. In this time of fear and uncertainness, choose kindness. This should not be a time of unnecessary blaming, shaming, and especially not racism. We should all come together in this time of fear and build one another up. While we are practicing safety in isolation, here are some things to do!

Feel free to comment down below what you’ve been up to! I’d love to get some new ideas.

xo, Katie

A list of things to do when you're bored.

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