Summer is about a month away, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to have some fun in the sun. Although we didn’t get the Spring we planned for, we can at least make up for it by having an awesome summer. This season is for those hot, sweaty days on the beach, the days chilling by the pool, the cookouts, and just simply relaxing.

I’m so ready to travel and have some fun before school starts in the fall. So, let’s make Summer 2020 a great one with this ultimate summer bucket list.

25 Things to do Summer 2020 

  1. Have a Picnic 
  2. Lay on the Beach  
  3. Pull an all-nighter
  4. Have a Pool day 
  5. Go on a Day trip 
  6. Go to a Cookout 
  7. Have a dedicated Shopping day 
  8. Finish a new book series 
  9. Drive Go-Karts
  10. Watch Fireworks 
  11. Create a Summer Playlist 
  12. Attend a Street Festival  
  13. Go thrift shopping 
  14. Make Homemade Lemonade
  15. Get some Fresh produce at a Farmers Market 
  16. Pick some strawberries
  17. Do volunteer work
  18. Visit an Art Gallery 
  19. Watch the sunrise 
  20. Movie Marathon 
  21. Keep a journal 
  22. Take ALOT of pictures
  23. Ride a Ferris Wheel
  24. Paint a Canvas 
  25. Make S’mores

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Also, comment below some things on your Bucket List for this Sunny Season?

xo, Katie

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